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Home 9 Project 9 Sectional redesign for Church bookstore managers (2021)

“I’d go here…maybe?”—a redesign of an information source (2021)

Designed using Adobe XD and Whimsical

RRR Landing page 2019

Context and the problem

The section of this site is mainly for church members who maintain Christian Science bookstores also known as Reading Rooms. After some discovery and a round of user testing we discovered the following:

  • Users said finding information was difficult.
  • Content was too spread out.
  • Many users are older and not comfortable on the computer.
  • Most users didn’t know where to start, or don’t like “exploring”.
Reading Room Librarian Resources: User flow

Hypothesis 1: Provide 2 routes — One for new comers + one for seasoned users

  • After some research and card sorting we determined what information we needed.
  • Designed a route plan — providing two different routes, but offered repeated information so information could be found in more than one place.
  • Remove information that was getting ignored.

Design process

  1. Step 1: Started with a user flow to sketch out the decisions based on initial feedback and card sorting.
    (Tool: Whimsical)
  2. After reviewing the user flow, I designed lo fidelity wireframes. (Tool: Whimsical)
  3. Once the wireframes were approved and text needed text, I mocked up the pages in the CMS (on a staging site) because the design changes were more to do with the pages and not the entire site.
  4. Once live mock ups were reviewed, we conducted user testing.
  5. After user testing we found we needed to consoldate further as we continued to hear from users, “Don’t make me dig!”

Click on image above to see the full page, or explore the redesigned section.


  • After the user testing we reduced the section from 5 pages to 3.
  • Did a follow up round of testing and found most users loved the simple layout and fewer pages.
  • Also, with this third test, we also saw users could find the information they wanted faster and with very little difficulty.