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“How do I share this?” — Content sharing modal UI (2019)

Designed using Adobe XD

Content that can't be shared


This section of the site is mainly for Sunday School teachers and provides resources for teacher to share with students. It’s also the part of our site that has the most amount of interactive content.


  • We had some fun content that seemed like it would be very sharable on social media.
  • However, when it was originally implemented, no thought had been given to the content being shared or that it might be sharable.
  • How can we implement sharing functionality that provides easy sharing while not interrupting the user’s movements?
  • Our Product Owner tasked me to make the content easier to share to social media channels, or by email.
Content with a share button
Open modal with share options

The Design

  • I designed a button that went on top of the content that opens a modal (Tool used: Adobe XD)
  • The modal the opens provided both the ability to watch, download, listen to content, as well as to share the content to social media or by email.


Through an analytics review, we saw an uptick of content getting shared by at least 30%.