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Home 9 Project 9 Annual Meeting Video player UI (2021)

“It’s not intentional” — the redesign of a Video player UI (2021)

Designed using Adobe XD

Original player

Context and the problem

  • We had a default user interface that existed for watching the Church’s Annual Meeting which was never intentionally designed.
  • I advocated for the user to be able to watch this important event within a more intentional, user-friendly, and intuitive interface.
  • I also wanted our international Church members to feel less like an after-thought.
Player UI redesign

The Design

My goal was to design something that looked more like a console — something that helped users know “this is where I watch the event” and also helped our international field included.

User Testing

Our user research expert gathered 7 members and we tested the design on mobile to find out whether or not my hypothesis that the design was indeed more user friendly or not.

  • We found over-all, users knew exactly what to do.
  • There was some confusion with the video/audio options we offered underneath the player.
    • Our team swarmed to increase the font size and make the language even more user friendly.
  • We decided as a team, and due to time constraints that this had to be our MVP (minimal viable product) as we work in an iterative process and felt we could continue to improve and test the improvements in the future.
Final player UI


  • The player was successful overall — no issues arose during our live event on June 7, 2021.
  • The player continues to work great also providing a good experience for users watching the replay version.