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UX Design Case Studies

Case study — consolidated formats

“Don’t make me dig” — A consolidation of product formats (2021)

Annual Meeting player UI redesign

“It’s not intentional” — a redesign of video streaming UI (2021)

Reading Room Libriarian Resources redesign

“I’d go here…maybe?”—a redesign of an information source (2021)

JW Player Error handling message (2020)

Providing a user friendly error message (2020)

Content Sharing modal UI

Content sharing modal UI (2019)

Mobile improvements for lecture information

Mobile UI improvements for lecture information (2019)

About me

Doing what I love

As a UX Designer I strive daily to be empathetic for site/UI visitors, advocate for users — bring their voice to the table, and every design can be user friendly while delightful.

I adapt

  • I’m adaptable to design tools, teams, and problems.
  • I’ve worked with a wide array of people, varying sizes of departments, and different teams.
  • I strive to listen, not rush.
  • I’m very grateful for my current team and manager who are all amazing.
  • I love to learn new things — tech, tools, skills, and concepts.
  • I even have some front end coding skills to boot.

Certified by the Nielsen Norman Group

  • Certified in interactive design by the Nielsen Norman Group.
  • Certification ID: 1033984
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